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   McMahon|Siegel Group offers a wide range of strategic consulting services geared to help individuals and firms achieve their goals and deliver industry leading performance. Our team of executives can provide support for:

Business Strategies:

​   Through either individual work with Executives/Boards, or in a facilitated group setting, we bring our years of experience and industry specific expertise to support our clients in the following typical areas:

​1. Development and implementation of Strategic Direction and Goals.  From initial research supporting a strategic planning process to facilitating group sessions to the establishment and monitoring of implementation plans we can help you deliver a winning strategy!

2. Capital allocation.  Your sources of capital, and where capital is spent, are critical issues to success in most firms yet are often unappreciated or even ignored.   We can help you understand the true cost of your capital and where your best returns can be found.

3. Organizational design.   Is your organization effective and efficient?  Is your structure aligned with your strategic direction, reward systems, and other internal processes? We bring a “fresh eyes” look at your business and can help you structure for success.

4. Market and client approach.  Whether it is evaluating existing marketing and client management systems, or helping you look at potential new markets, we can help you plot a strategy for success. Our team is experienced in successfully researching, planning and executing new ventures and can bring their experience to bear for your firm.

Operational Improvement:

   Virtually all firms could benefit from assessing and improving business units from the local or market level up to the business of the firm overall.  The McMahon|Siegel Group team brings the unique perspective of industry veterans to help you and your firm in these typical areas of services:

1. Operational reviews.  Even the most successful companies can have a struggling operation.  We dig into the business unit, and using our extensive experience we can quickly pinpoint the main issues and prepare for the management team one or more strategies for improvement.


2. Performance improvement.  Often companies have an area of potential improvement, or an area that is a cause for concern.  Whether it is collections and cash flow, utilization, project management, or any of potentially dozens of other topics, small incremental improvements can have a significant impact on the company overall.  Our professionals have unique skills and experiences, and are recognized industry leaders, and can help bring focus and improvement.


3. Expense management.  In a world where overhead management is becoming a large factor in both marketing/client acquisition and the ability to make a profit, this topic is becoming critically important.  Further, staff perceptions of expense management are often negative and resisted, and in our experience most firms don’t have a clear strategy in this area.  Having outside consultants, with broad industry knowledge and background, can help you establish the right approach and execute a strong expense management plan.


Board Services:

   McMahon|Siegel Group offers a range of services in support of Boards and executive management teams.  As needed, we can work independently and report directly to Boards, or we can work collaboratively with Boards and executives to implement best practices and good governance.

Our experience is that small businesses with Boards of Directors entirely comprised of employees do not provide the most advanced form of oversight with the inherent conflicts of interest to the firm's shareholders. This is increasingly important with the increasing use of ESOP'S in permanent equity financing, as well as the complexity and decision making that is a normal part of ownership transition decision making. We can assist in evaluating these issues and recommending improvements.

Additionally, good governance procedures should entail having an independent comparison to the industry and an assessment of internal operating methodologies versus industry best practices.  Therefore, we offer the following variety of services to support Boards and management teams:

1. Review current practices and benchmark against industry best practices.  This could include governance training and review of the legal requirements of Board service.


2. Provide independent advisory on major issues.  Let us provide an independent analysis where significant risk, resources, reputation or firm continuity is at stake.


3. Recruitment of Board members.  We can provide services ranging all the way from running an independent, detailed search process to simply providing several references from our vast industry contacts.


4. Executive leadership training and on-boarding.  Many individuals in smaller firms become Board members due to their success in other aspects of the firm.  We can help prepare new Board members for the role and responsibility of a Board member, independent of their role as an executive in the firm.


5. Leadership team development.  Whether it is mentoring/coaching of executives, facilitating team building sessions, or simply being a sounding Board for the CEO, we can improve the effectiveness of the senior team which then cascades throughout the firm.


6. Ownership alternatives evaluation.  Whether you intend to transition internally or would consider a partial or complete sale to the outside, we can help you work through your alternatives.

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