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McMahon | Siegel Group was formed to provide both creative and pragmatic solutions to help leaders and companies achieve their goals.  We are comprised of industry veterans who have extensive experience leading organizations who have faced the same challenges current leaders confront today.   Our mission is to help individuals and firms achieve their strategic goals and deliver industry leading performance.

Our company provides a range of services to help management teams and Boards of companies including:

·      Strategic and Operational Consulting.   We can bring a fresh approach and viewpoint to your firm and help in a range of areas from strategic plan development and implementation to “fresh-eyes” operational reviews and SWOT analysis of existing operations.  We can also perform market assessments and help you develop growth strategies within geographic or market segments.

Board services including sharing best practices, improving Board governance, and work with Boards to provide an independent review of company leadership and operations.  Our partners are also available for Board service.

·         Training and Development.  With our perspective as industry veterans, the McMahon|Siegel Group developed a series of industry leading training programs that emphasize the fundamentals of operations management.  These programs can be presented at a national, regional or company level in an open course setting, and can be customized to your industry trade group or even customized for a specific company. Further, the programs are targeted at emerging leaders but can be adapted for any group that would benefit from improved fundamentals of management including profit and loss.

We also offer market introduction training and seminars for entrants to parts or all of the US infrastructure market.


·         Merger and Acquisition services.   With a team that has been involved with literally scores of successful transactions, we bring unmatched experience to “sell-side services” such as positioning and buyer identification to “buy-side services” including target identification, approach, and acquisition.  We also provide “due diligence” services including independent analysis of potential actions.

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